What's New? Upromise

Regardless of social and cultural background, the dream of home ownership holds special meaning for most Americans. As a member of one of the industry's leading real estate franchise systems, you know the fulfillment and the gratitude your client feels when your help them make that dream come true. Now with the help of Realogy Corporation, you have the chance to help make yet another of your customers' dreams a reality: the dream of a college education for their children.

Realogy has publicly announce an innovative new program to help your customers save for a college education. CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC and its Realogy sister brands have been chosen to be the first Realogy companies to integrate this new service into our consumer offerings.

The Realogy program, which is schedule to roll out in the fall of 2001, is in conjunction with Upromise, a revolutionary college savings network created to help families accelerate their savings for college. Many of America's leading companies, including AT&T, Borders, CVS, and Waldenbooks, as well as the leading consumer brands in automotive, credit card, gasoline, and toy retailing, have joined the Upromise network.

Here is how it works. Families enroll for free at www. upromise .com and are provided with a list of member companies. When Upromise families patronize these businesses a portion of their spending is deposited in a college savings account for their children. For participating CENTURY 21® System offices, this means the opportunity to reach hundreds o thousands of potential home buyers and sellers and the ability to generate significant new leads.

When a Century 21 Real Estate LLC office accepts and converts a Promise lead, which will be processed through the CENTURY 21 Global Referral Network™ (CGRN™), into a home sale or purchase, the Upromise and then Upromise will deposit one half of one percent of the sales price into the families college savings account.* for example, if a Upromise customer purchases a home for $200,0000 through a participating CENTURY 21® System office, the participating office will pay the standard $1,500 referral fee to CGRN™ of which $1,000 will be deposited by Upromise into the family's college account on behalf of the office.

As consumer use of Upromise grows, its value as a powerful customer relations tool and as an effective lead-generating device will be undeniable. Through your participation in the program you will not only help customers with their real estate needs, but also help their children achieve a college education. It is a powerful program.

For more information about the Upromise program, please visit www.upromise.com or contact CENTURY 21 Ludecke, Inc.. And, if you have a child or loved one for whom you personally are saving for college, we encourage you to join Upromise by enrolling on their Web site today. Membership is free and there's no time like the present to start saving for college.